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Only charging a closed user-group? With our RFID cards and fob keys, you gain unparalleled control over who can use your stations. And with custom branding options, you can let your guests charge while promoting your brand's sustainable side.

EVBox’s custom branded RFID cards and key fobs offer the easiest way to maintain unmatched control over who can use your charging stations.

Just hand the cards out to the guests, tenants, or employees you wish to grant access, and do away with any monthly network fees. Now you can start and stop each charging session with just a simple swipe.

Plus, with our custom branding options, you can design all the cards and key fobs to be printed with your logo, enforcing your brand’s sustainable image. Or print them up with pictures of your cat all over them — it’s 100% your call!

And what you do with the cards is up to you. Want to charge users a monthly fee for access? Totally fine. Want to hand them out for free and offer charging as a bonus amenity? Great! The choice is yours.

This option is perfect for anyone installing a semi-public charging station. For hotels looking to provide free charging, but only to guests. For workplaces that want to encourage their employees to drive electric. For a parking garage that offers EV charging to customers (either for free or an additional hourly rate).

If this sounds like the option for you, simply fill out this form to get started.

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